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Festival of Trees Info –  festival-of-trees-info-2016

This week Boyz Klub both classes will meet at 4:05 to 4:45 to practice for Festival of Trees and then the boys will head over to the Festival of Trees.

Costume Amounts are on the mirror and on the site. We are ordering costumes for the spring show right after the holiday show. Look at your child’s class to determine your costume cost. You can enter a payment online. costume-fees-spring-recital-2016-2017

The non profit provides the costumes for the show at Harrahs. You need some basic items and it would be smart to get them right away if you don’t have them yet. things-you-need-for-the-holiday-show-at-harrahs  We will have more info on show up times etc for the show at Harrahs next week.

HOLIDAY SHOW TICKETS ARE ON SALE  FOR OUR SHOW AT HARRAHS. YOU CAN ONLY PURCHASE ONLINE – have not set a date to sell tickets at the studio yet.

Ticket prices are $14 adults, $10 seniors, $8 students.

To know what show to purchase tickets for, click holiday-show-assignments-2016   The holiday show is about one hour and 10 minutes. If your child is in both shows, you do not need to buy tickets for both, but your child MUST perform in both shows.

We have been asked to dance at the Senior Citizen’s luncheon on December 3rd at Harrahs. I will put up a sign up sheet for this one on the mirror.

 November payments are due.

Costume payment amounts will be posted soon.

 So mark your calendars for Festival of Trees on December 2nd, Senior luncheon on December 3rd (sign up required) and our big holiday event at Harrahs Sunday, December 11th. And yes, we are preparing for those now.

We even have some of our dancers from our Monday young performers class dancing for the College Choir shows.

Our dance season is tutu wonderful! We have added some class times and still have openings in some of our classes.

We have been getting positive feedback from folks who have been registering online.

For those of you whose children danced last year, go to “Returning customers” (you are not new customers) and enter your email and hit forgot password if you didn’t set one up in the past. You’ll get an email and can proceed from there.

For those of you who are new to the studio this year, use “I am a new customer”

The class schedule is posted. Click on the “Classes” tab of this website and then scroll down to “Dance Schedule.”

Remember that we can’t park in the space closest to the studio at the place next door – they use that for loading and unloading.


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