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We are getting a new dance floor for the downstairs room. We are super excited! And we got new door handles for the entrance to make our studio safer for our kids. Anything that makes the studio a better place for our shining stars makes us happy.

We are having a registration day on Monday, August 22nd from 4:40 to 6:30.  But did you know that you can register online?

For those of you whose children danced last year, go to “Returning customers” (you are not new customers) and enter your email and hit forgot password if you didn’t set one up in the past. You’ll get an email and can proceed from there.

For those of you who are new to the studio this year, use “I am a new customer”.

And of course, you are always welcome to come by the studio and check if we are here on your way to Raley’s or Scotty’s or Styles.

We have posted the  class schedule. Click on the “Classes” tab of this website and then scroll down to “Class Schedule.”

I loved the teacher workshop I attended with Miss Kylee and my daughter Lisa.  It was wonderful to be with hundreds of  dance educators learning from some of the top choreographers in the world. I still love to take class and then share all I’ve learned with our Shining Stars. Miss Heather and Miss Jordan were at the college workshop and Miss Angie has been studying in Southern California when she isn’t making brides’ and my hair beautiful.

We were fortunate to have a Tony Award winning choreographer teach our dancers. The classes were amazing. At the end of the evening, he said some wonderful things to me about our dancers and our studio family.

Remember that we can’t park in the space closest to the studio at the place next door – they use that for loading and unloading.


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