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HAPPY VALENTIME’S (as the kids love to pronounce it).

PAYMENTS ARE DUE FOR CLASSES if you pay monthly.

No Kids’ Dance Classes from February 15th to the 20th while the schools have winter break.  Miss M will be traveling to Michigan to see her mom and to enjoy the wonderful midwest winter weather

RECITAL REMINDER-  Two shows will be on Sunday, April 24th and two more on Sunday, May 1st. Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grades are  assigned by the class they attend to two shows – one on each Sunday. THEY MUST BE AT THE SHOWS THEY ARE ASSIGNED. The dancers have places in line and choreography that is specific to the class they attend. Middle Schoolers are assigned to at least two shows (one on each Sunday) and can be assigned to as many as 4 Shows. High Schoolers are assigned to all shows. Preschool dancers are assigned to one of the 4 shows. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE WILL BE REHEARSALS THE WEEK OF APRIL 18TH, SO PLAN YOUR SPRING BREAK ACCORDINGLY.

PAYMENTS FOR COSTUMES  – we are hoping all of you can get the balance of your costume payments in – Some costumes started arriving and we still haven’t finished all the laundry from the holiday shows!  We try to give costumes out at the end of March –hopefully they have all arrived –  For the payment amount click on CLICK HERE FOR COSTUME FEES SPRING RECITALS

This is one of the iciest and snowiest winters in a while……. Mr. Marcia and I were out there chipping ice off the driveway last week. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL AND DRIVE SLOWLY AROUND THE STUDIO. CAUTION – CHILDREN AT DANCE!

And we don’t often cancel because of snow, so check the newsletter page and our Lake Tahoe’s Shining Stars facebook page if you are in doubt.

We gave out flyers to dancers who take multiple classes for a three day workshop in Carson City in March with the Young Americans. They were in Tahoe in 2005 and 2009 and everyone loved the workshop and learned tons and got to be part of a performance.

Congratulations to the cast of Cinderella at the high school. It was magical!

I am thankful each and every day for sharing the joy of dance here at the studio with so many wonderful shining stars!

Remember that we can’t park in the space closest to the studio at the place next door – they use that for loading and unloading.


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