My Grown-Up and Me (18 mos to 36 mos)
• Movement and Music specially designed for this precious age group. They are accompanied by mom or dad or grandma or other grown up in their lives who participate in the fun.

Ballet & Tap Combo (Preschool thru 2nd grade)
• This excellent program is ideal for young dancers because it teaches the essential foundations of ballet and tap to develop grace and rhythm.  Classes incorporate stretching, movement, music and dance styles that are perfect for guiding young children in dance and performance skills. Our scheduling is set up so that dancers are able to make up missed classes at an alternate class time.

Jazz & Tap Combo (3rd grade and Up)
• This program is for the continuing students, teaching them a variety of jazz styles and more intricate jazz and tap steps/routines.

Classical Ballet (7 yrs old and Up)
• Classes stress barre, center work, jumps and turns, expanding the knowledge they learned in their early combo classes. Eligibility for pointe work will be determined by the instructor based on strength & technique. Dancers must dress in traditional Ballet attire: Pink Tights, Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes, Leotard and hair in a bun.

Ballet Choreography and Variations* (Middle school and Up)
• This class will work on ballet variations which will be incorporated into the choreography for performances. Dancers must be enrolled in a Classical Ballet Technique Class.

Young Performers Theater and Hip Hop* (K, 1st, and 2nd grade)
• Students will work on the singing and dancing skills for theater with some hip hop dance moves to really bring out the star performer.

Young Performers Theater and Hip Hop* (3rd thru 5th grade)
• Teaches the latest moves incorporating theater skills to enhance the performance aspect and bring out the star performer.

Hip Hop* (Middle school and Up)
• High Energy Hip Hop Skills and choreography

Contemporary Technique/Lyrical/Leaps and Turns* (Middle school and Up)
• This class will work on a variety of advanced leaps and turns and their place in various contemporary and lyrical styles. High School will include Dance Conditioning.

Boyz Klub (Preschool thru 5th grade)
• Hip Hop/ Funk and Tap moves especially for the boys. Classes are divided by ages

Couples/Partners* (Elementary school and Up)
• Dancers work as partners in lifts, steps, and movement. Enrollment by permission of instructor only. Classical Ballet is mandatory for girls.

* Requires enrollment in additional class(es).




FootprintsMovement class that incorporates the art, science, and philosophy of movement in dance – Contact the instructor, Ann Thennes for times and fees 530 542-9553

Mat class – This class studies movement from the ground up based on the “Footprints” model above. Contact the instructor, Ann Thennes for times and fees 530 542-9553

Zumba – Contact the instructor Alejandra at 530 545-3910 for days and times