Yes, the schedule is done and you can register for classes:) Don’t forget to “checkout” after you put your classes in your cart (you don’t have to pay for the classes), checking out is what lets us know to enroll your dancer in class.

If your dancer is playing soccer or another fall sport, we encourage you to enroll and start dance now. Our schedule works around sports, just ask us for some alternative times for a class they have to miss until fall sports are over

We have added an exciting new class this year. Mini Hip Hop for the preschool age. Your dancer can add this great class on. And…..We will add other classtimes if there is enough interest.

The teachers are excited to share the inspiration and information they learned this summer. 

We have some great events in the planning already. Oktoberfest will be here before you know it and it will be our first performance of the season!

Please check your account. You can go to the dance program link and pay online or bring a payment into the studio. If you want us to bill your credit card through autopay, you need to be sure you have added it to your information on the dance program link.